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Permanent Makeup

MICROBLADING - a semi-permanent tattoo that involves drawing in little hairline strokes that mimic the look of real hairs.  It can be used to fill in brows or even restore brow hairs that we lose due to age, over plucking, chemotherapy, alopecia, etc


PERMANENT EYELINER - enhances the eyes with a soft natural or bold and dramatic look. It also fills in the eyelashes giving them a fuller effect.


PERMANENT LIP LINER and Color - Perfect for changing the size and shape of your lips by adding a sheer color tint or full opaque color. It also prevents lipstick from bleeding in the fine lines around the mouth.


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Want to be part of one of the fastest growing techniques in the beauty industry? We offer certification training and apprenticeships for microblading and permanent makeup.  - contact Tara Knight @ The Finery Salon 931-854-9585  or email: