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Ashley Harper

My name is Ashley Harper, and I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 13 years. I got my nail technician license at only 17, and I still feel I’ve never worked a day in my life!

I am in love with the nail art side of things and love to do freehand art. Four years ago, I decided to pursue more of my artistic side in permanent cosmetics. Since then, I have been obsessed, to say the least.

I received a certification with microblading through Tish O'Brien cosmetics, and one year later, I decided to further that passion as a certified Beauty Angel to advance my microblading skills. Also during that time, I apprenticed for one year under Tara Knight in permanent cosmetics, learning permanent eyeliner and lip blushing.

My desire to grow and learn new things never stops! Stay tuned to see what other amazing services the finery salon will have to offer!